April 25, 2023

The 7th edition of the Baby & Kids products from Spain Showroom will bring together 30 brands of children's products with international customers.

ASEPRI consolidates the Baby & Kids products from Spain Showroom in its 7th edition

Asepri inaugurates its next showroom for international buyers and importers from Latin America, North America, Israel and the Middle East with the aim of promoting commercial agreements between Spanish brands and international clients.

ASEPRI reaffirms the success of Spanish brands in international markets through its exclusive event: Baby & Kids products from Spain, where 30 brands from the children’s products sector will meet with international VIP clients from the fashion, children’s footwear and childcare sectors.

The event will be held at the Balneario de las Arenas, a premium Mediterranean location, on the 8th and 9th of May in Valencia.

The Baby & Kids products from Spain Showroom is a differentiated and personalized event, exclusive for Spanish brands with a working agenda, where international key players discover our essence, creativity and design with excellent quality and price.

The Spanish brands participating in the 7th edition of the Baby & Kids products from Spain Showroom represent all types of products for children, targets and profiles, and will have the opportunity to access multiple markets without having to travel.

Spanish brands participating in the 7th edition of the Baby & Kids products from Spain Showroom


The brands from the childcare and baby care safety sector that form part of the Baby & Kids products from Spain Showroom are ASALVO, BIMBIDREAMS, JANÉ, BE COOL, CONCORD, NURSE, MY BABY MATTRESS, NINES D’ONIL, PASITO A PASITO – WALKING MUM, PIELSA, SARO, UZTURRE.

Children’s fashion

The children’s fashion companies participating in the Showroom are AL AGUA PATOS, BABIDU, BABYBOL, BOBOLI / BOB&OLI, JAVILAR KIDS, JULIANA, LOSAN, MARTIN ARANDA, MAYORAL, NEWNESS, PAZ RODRIGUEZ, TUTTO PICCOLO / AGATHA RUIZ DE LA PRADA BABY, brands of different targets and profiles.

Children’s footwear 

The children’s footwear brands at Showroom Baby & Kids products from Spain are BIGTOES, BIOMECANICS, PISAMONAS, RIA MENORCA, companies specializing in maximum comfort and convenience for babies, made in Spain.

Customers attending the 7th edition of the Showroom Baby & Kids products from Spain

Among the clients who have confirmed their attendance at the 7th edition of the Baby & Kids products from Spain Showroom are VIP investors from Latin America and the Caribbean, MERAKI and MBMG from Guatemala, who represent success stores such as Purificación García or Bimba y Lola and who on this occasion will explore the opportunities for Spanish children’s fashion in their area of activity.

The 5-store chain BODEGA DEL BEBE and 8-store chain NYN CHAMACO, from Mexico. The department stores of the Dominican Republic: LA NOVIA DE LA VILLA, with 8 branches and FELIX MADURO, in Panama, with 5 branches.

Spanish brands will be able to make, in a single enclave, commercial contacts and brand prospecting in different markets in Latin America and the Caribbean: Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and El Salvador.

For the first time, we will be in contact with the East African market, thanks to the participation of the BÉBÉ A BORD stores in Madagascar.

We remain in contact with new customers from the Middle East, such as the Saudi group ARMATRAN, an investment group and chain of shops with 8 points of sale; and from Turkey, the BABYMALL chain of shops, and the Marketplace: MUMZWORLD Dubai and MUMERZ Egypt.

From the United States, we are visited by clients who work mainly with Spanish brands and are excellent ambassadors of Spanish brands such as EL RINCON DE MARIA or the New York showroom: ENEKONY SHOWROOM.

In Europe, we have the presence of the Bulgarian chain of shops COMSED, a chain of 28 points of sale of children’s fashion and childcare.

The aim of the Baby & Kids products from Spain Showroom is for Spanish brands to have access to VIP clients from different countries, which are difficult to reach, and to generate business opportunities. The brands will explore first-hand the business opportunities offered by these markets and the existing possibilities for international expansion.

With this Showroom, Asepri continues its strategy of international promotion of Spanish brands by carrying out innovative actions that provide new business opportunities for the sector.

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“ASEPRI participates in the Baby & Kids from Spain showroom held in Valencia, and has the support of ICEX, and the Spanish Commercial Offices of the target countries present in the Showroom, and the co-financing of European ERDF funds, having contributed according to the measure of the same, to the economic growth of this company, its region and Spain as a whole.”