Governing bodies

The General Assembly is the governing body of the Association and is composed of all members.

The Association is managed and represented by a Governing Board composed of a President, a Vice-President for Childcare, a Vice-President for Fashion, a Secretary, a Treasurer and nine members.

  • GOVERNING BOARD 2021 – 2024

(Representatives of children’s fashion, childcare and children’s footwear companies)

CHAIRMAN: Alvaro Toubes – PAZ Rodriguez

VICE-CHAIRMAN 1st Childcare: María Eugenia García – MICUNA

2nd VICE-CHAIRMAN Fashion: Borja Mataix – TUTTO PICCOLO

SECRETARY: José Juan Femenia – ALONDRA

TREASURER: Antonio Giménez – BABIDU


Ferran Umbert – BABY MONSTER

Mónica Algas – BOBOLI

Rafael Rivas -MINILAND

Ramón Espí– RAPIFE

Alicia Ortega– CHICCO SPAIN

Fernanda Ferrandis– SARO BABY

Enrique Esquitino – CONGUITOS

Cesar Brotons – BIMBI DREAMS