Saro, since 1976

More than 40 years, in more than 36 countries. A history where quality, design and constant evolution have been our premises.

Our international expansion has been based on trust, whether they are points of sale or distributors, we are faithfully committed to a long-term relationship, in which the ties become closer over time, allowing us to adapt and capture the best of each market to make a better Saro.

In our articles, functionality, safety and a careful design “made with love” take priority.  With a range of colours that will delight young and old alike. Products that promote babies’ natural curiosity, encouraging them to discover the world around them and reinforcing their self-esteem, favouring fun, intuitive learning at their own pace.


Aware of the importance of the environment, our Premium eco-friendly Saro Nature line continues to grow with the aim of leaving a clean and healthy planet for future generations. Carefully selecting each material, opting for natural, biodegradable and resistant materials such as rubber, silicone, organic cotton or beech wood. As always, toxic-free: BPA and phthalate-free.

A collection to leave your mark without harming the environment!

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