Chilicu was born in 2007 with the creation of custom-made hand-woven tricot garments, simple baby patterns, a wide range of colors and attention to the smallest detail.

We are committed to a product with the “Made in Spain” seal, which allows us to have a close relationship with our suppliers and to be aware at all times of the process, from the moment we choose the threads or fabrics, until we see it. on our smaller clients.

The inspiration comes from the simplicity of the forms and the artistic combination that nature creates with its colors, in textures that draw our attention in the most unexpected places, a detail of an object … any idea that could end up reflected in a sweater, or in a unique and special print.

Our hallmark are knitted garments, with prints that look great, and with which children feel comfortable; In addition, quality and versatility are very important when deciding to buy something that lasts and that can be used from one brother to another.

Beatriz Chung