April 19, 2024

Which trolley bag should I choose? The best brands

The stroller bag is one of the most important accessories when parents go out for a walk with their child. They should be accompanied by all the necessary accessories to take care of your child: nappies, bottles, cloth bag, baby bag or portable changing mat…

When a newborn baby arrives in the family, it is necessary to carry a bag with all the things they need. From Asepri we present the most beautiful, practical and durable baby trolley bags that we can find on the market. If you need a partner for your business, you’re in the right place!

What are the characteristics of a good pram bag?

At Asepri we work with the best Spanish brands, which is why we offer you some advice on how to choose the right products for your shops. Below, we give you some tips you should think about before choosing the bag for baby carriages.

Capacity and internal storage in baby bags

It is essential that it has a large capacity and several internal storage compartments, but always within the usual dimensions of this type of bag. In addition, another very important aspect is that the bag should be able to hang on the handlebar of the trolley in a comfortable way.

The capacity cannot be distributed in any way, but in a suitable way. So the trolley pockets should have several compartments. It is also essential to have a special pocket prepared for storing foodstuffs that can be kept fresh.

A good stroller bag is sturdy and clean.

One of the factors to be taken into account in a good pram bag is that the materials should have a high resistance and optimal cleanliness. What do we mean by this?

  • The strength should allow the material to withstand rubbing properly. Therefore, if you choose a good material the bag will always look good, making it a durable piece.
  • The cleanliness of your bag’s materials is essential. Stains that may occur on the fabric must be avoided and removed in an effective and simple way. Also, if it is washable it will be the most convenient for when the bag accumulates dirt.

Effective handlebar mounting system

Finally, choosing a pushchair bag with a handlebar mounting system will make everyday life easier for parents. There are various systems for attaching the bag to the pushchair.

The most common method is to attach the bag to the trolley handlebars with clips and straps to adjust it. In addition, there are other models with the same system that are fastened on the sides and do not allow the bag to move during the ride.

The best pram bag brands

Asepri connects you with the perfect pushchair bag brands for any family. We show you our selected recommendation of the best brands so that you can choose one of the best partners on the market.

Pasito a Pasito

Pasito a Pasito presents a coordinated line of accessories including pram bags to make everything easier. They have an innovative style, reflecting the latest trends in children’s fashion.

The materials are water-resistant, ultra-soft, lightweight and machine washable. Today the Pasito a Pasito collections are sold in the best decoration and childcare establishments in more than 50 countries.

One of the brands of baby pram bags: hee- tee

If there is a brand that combines technology and functionality, it is hee- tee. Among the innovative products we offer, you will find a variety of bags that can be the perfect complement for prams.

Walking Mum

Walking Mum has become the leading Spanish company in newborn baby equipment. It was born with the idea of meeting a real need for more urban, practical and modern products.

Its new collections of bags include avant-garde trends from Northern Europe. They become unique, exclusive and quality designs designed for the baby and for the parents’ satisfaction.

Orchestra, one of the brands of bags for baby prams

Orchestra is a brand that, through its original prints, conveys the freedom, daring and fantasy of children. A combination of design, illusion and freshness in their bags for baby strollers.

At Asepri we have the best brands in the Spanish market for baby stroller bags. We also have brands that offer products such as prams, children’s clothing or accessories and childcare. We provide all the information you need for a quality product Contact us!