November 8, 2022

Sustainable children's fashion: main features and brands

There are many ways to collaborate with the care of the environment and one of them is to buy sustainable children’s fashion, a trend that is increasingly on the rise to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Sustainable children’s fashion has environmental and socio-cultural components and its purpose is to manufacture garments with raw materials through ecological procedures. That is why, in addition to being of high quality and visually attractive, they have the added value of being respectful of our children’s skin.

What are the main characteristics of sustainable children’s fashion?

Sustainable children’s fashion consists, as mentioned above, in making eco-friendly, environmentally responsible fashion. In this way, the main objective is sustainability.

Many brands are committed to this initiative and their goal is to take care of the environment and they do it with fabrics that are not harmful to the planet. That is why we want to tell you what are its main characteristics that you should know.

Sustainable children’s fashion is softer

Its greater softness is due to the fact that the clothing of sustainable children’s fashion is made with organic materials that are softer and more comfortable when in contact with the skin, which prevents marks or possible injuries on the baby’s dermis.

It is made with healthy fabrics

Because its origin is vegetable, that is why the so-called green fibers retain many properties of the plants from which they are extracted. They are hypoallergenic, antifungal and promote better absorption of moisture.

It has fewer chemicals

First of all, you should know that the organic fabrics of sustainable children’s fashion are dyed with natural and plant-based dyes, which means that there is no risk of toxicity to your baby’s skin. This also reduces the possibility of developing allergic reactions.

The garments are more durable

Sustainable children’s fashion garments are considered more durable, as this type of clothing is designed to last longer than conventional clothing. That is why in the long run you will see that the cost of children’s fashion will decrease, because although it is more expensive you will need to renew it less often due to its durability.

With sustainable children’s fashion you help to protect the environment.

One of the most important characteristics of sustainable children’s fashion is that it helps to protect the environment that surrounds them and, in this way, you contribute to the well-being and future quality of life of your children.

Main brands that are committed to sustainable children’s fashion 

To be a sustainable children’s fashion brand, you must opt for less polluting products and services, be informed about eco-labels and certificates, do your bit for an environmental cause and communicate your commitment to sustainability to your target audience. There are different brands that have opted for sustainable children’s fashion and from Asepri we want you to know some of the main ones.


Bibabu is a brand that is committed to sustainable children’s fashion. This Canarian children’s fashion company was founded with the aim of dressing the little ones with high quality and durable garments.

Its collection is dedicated to girls and boys from 0 to 10 years old. 100% of its products are manufactured in Spain and each season they make a careful selection of raw materials to be used, betting on tested quality fabrics of European origin.

Wawaland Planet, among the brands committed to sustainable children’s fashion

Wawaland Planet is a project that offers sustainable children’s fashion, which means that they can have a more productive use for the planet, in addition to greater durability in the closets.

Among the initiatives they are part of is Products of Change, an international community that brings together brands, distributors, content creators, innovators, manufacturers and marketing experts who pursue the goal of driving companies towards the path of sustainability without having to give up business objectives and profitability.

Nueces Kids

Nueces Kids

Nueces Kids  is another brand that is committed to sustainable children’s fashion. It is a firm based in Valencia that was born 7 years ago as a family project and with the clear objective of returning to the brand Spain, understood as quality clothing that is inherited because it offers high durability.

From the brand they bet on naturalness, from the materials to the colors of their collections. A large part of its collection is manufactured with ecological fabrics and organic cottons, incorporating some very innovative fabrics in children’s fashion such as Lyocell. With its range of powdered colors, they achieve in each garment a perfect combination of delicacy and elegance.

Mayoral, one of the leading brands in sustainable children’s fashion

Mayoral is a sustainable children’s fashion brand that proclaims itself #ecofriend and it is no wonder, since more than 20% of its garments are sustainable and before 2025, they intend to reach 50%.

Undoubtedly, sustainability must go hand in hand with quality, and the truth is that the durability of the garments plays an essential role in this. That is why Mayoral offers game-proof options for all stages of life.

The sustainable fabrics it uses are called eco-responsible fibers, among which four stand out.

Sustainable cotton. This is a chemical-free fiber whose responsible production means less environmental impact. Thanks to it, the brand helps to improve the economic development of cotton-producing regions.

Recycled fibers. These are fibers obtained from recycled fabrics and materials. This reduces CO2 emissions and the water needed to produce it.

Organic cotton. Organic cotton is widely used in sustainable children’s fashion and consists of a fiber free of toxic substances (pesticides and chemical fertilizers), both during its cultivation and during its production and spinning.

Repreve fiber. It is made of polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. With it, they contribute to reducing the large amount of waste in landfills and pollution in the oceans.

Chicco, another leading brand in sustainable children’s fashion

The firm Chicco has recently launched a line of sustainable children’s footwear, available for two age stages: first steps and walks.

Chicco ECO + is a capsule line within the collection of shoes for girls and boys for this autumn-winter season. Its shoes are characterized by the use of 80% recycled materials in the soles, as well as 100% recycled polyester in the lining, in addition to the use of organic cotton in its fabrics.

Want to know when you are buying a sustainable garment?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an initiative created in Europe in 2006 to distinguish sustainable children’s fashion, which was created in 2006.

In addition, to access GOTS certifications, manufacturers must carry out a verification process on the manufacturing, manufacturing and marketing processes of the garments. In this way, GOTS labeling guarantees that the textile is truly organic.

Another European certification is Made in Green, granted since 2006 by the Textile Technological Institute AITEX. This certification guarantees that the raw material is not harmful to health, that it is manufactured with respect for the environment and with respect for workers’ rights.

Now that you have information about sustainable children’s fashion and its main characteristics, from Asepri we have the best children’s brands that are committed to ecological and sustainable fashion, such as Bibabu, Wawaland Planet, Nueces Kids, Mayoral and Chicco. If you want to have the best brands, do not hesitate to contact us.