December 24, 2019

New international Lookbook 2020 Kids World Spain. SLOW LIFE

A society that cares and concerns with the planet, its environment, humanity, which is tolerant and happy. Our manifesto “Being” more and “doing” less.

The book is our best showcase, compared to other competing countries, to show internationally the values of Spanish fashion brands, children’s footwear, accessories and childcare: an excellent quality, design and innovation in product, with our characteristic Spain label.

Committed to the world of childhood, we launched the message learn to live slow, as a continuation of the previous book “We are the future” where the children’s world was united with messages as clear as Save the planet, go green, think in blue etc

Children’s fashion and childcare from Spain present us on this occasion a Slow Life concept that takes us away from the stress and excessive rhythm of life we are used to and starts children enjoying their creative impulses and nature, highlighting a slower life where leisure and illusion will be fundamental, applauding the irreverent and the irrational and exalting creativity and fantasy

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“ASEPRI publishes the BOOK SECTORIAL SLOW LIFE, and has had the support of ICEX, as well as the cofinancing of European funds FEDER, having contributed according to their measure, to the economic growth of this company, its region and Spain in its whole ”

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