May 21, 2024

Metepatas: a new concept from the Canary Islands

From the beautiful island of Tenerife comes Metepatas, with an innovative concept and a clear purpose: to create a fun product designed to grow with our children and last over time.

Discover Metepatas

Metepatas is a brand of evolving leggings, with designs designed to accompany the little ones in their growth. For this reason, their patterns are designed so that they can be enlarged or reduced according to the evolution of the children.

Established in 2023 on the Canary Island of Tenerife, Metepatas is a brand that, despite its short life, is expanding and growing, having already participated in fairs such as BabyKid Spain + FIMI in January of this year.

The characteristics of Metepatas

The Canarian brand offers a fun, local and quality product, with very interesting features:


Care for the environment is a priority for Metepatas, which is why all its leggings are ECOPASSPORT certified by Oeko Tex.


Its evolutionary leggings are equipped with the maximum UV 50+ sun protection to protect the skin of the little ones and ensure that they do not suffer from the sun.


The prints on their evolving leggings are fun and original, sublimated with ecological water-based inks that respect all types of skins, as well as adding to their ECO character.


This brand uses resistant and highly resistant fabrics, so that the garments last even longer.

The Metepatas designs: fun, varied and colourful!

Currently, the brand has four different designs: Electrokids, Circus, Game and Chessboy – click on each name to see each type of design!

Discover what opportunities Metepatas can offer you

Metepatas, in order to bring its products to all children, offers collaborations with influencers who want to work with one of the emerging brands of children’s fashion in Spain. In addition, following its goal of being present in the lives of all infants, offers special prices to shops that want to have their products. Contact them if you are an influencer and want to collaborate, or register on their website if you are a shop.