October 11, 2022

Internationalization of children's brands: main advantages

Every day more and more companies are losing their fear of foreign trade, and the internationalization of children’s brands is becoming a growing trend. At a time when globalization plays such a fundamental role, it is increasingly beneficial to internationalize our products and we have many more means to do so.

The internationalization of companies is a tool that can be key to their development. In fact, when the growth of a small or medium-sized company stagnates in the domestic market (either because of a lack of customers in the domestic market, too much competition for a small market, or because a crisis affects the country in particular), taking its economic activity to the international market can be not only a help, but a necessity for survival.

What is brand internationalization?

Brand internationalization is the process by which a business or company extends its products and services to the international market. Generally, companies are tending more and more to relocate, i.e. to move their work centers to places that are less costly for them, and to go abroad. Internationalization is a concept that is gaining more and more prominence among SMEs due to the advantages that living in an interconnected world provides.

Thanks to the progress in the transport and communications network, the development of e-commerce and an increasingly consolidated digital ecosystem, companies are finding it easier to expand.

What are the advantages of internationalizing children’s brands? 

The internationalization of children’s brands has a number of advantages that we will analyze in depth below.

  • Increasing customers and revenues, one of the advantages of internationalization of children’s brands

One of the main benefits of internationalization of children’s brands is that there is a wide possibility that the number of potential new customers will increase significantly. Every time we enter a new market, there is a business growth, an increase in customers and, consequently, an increase in revenue.

On the other hand, it is recommended that companies make use of international markets to present unique and exclusive children’s fashion products, which will help maintain a positive revenue stream.

  • Improving revenue management

Market diversification is one of the most important advantages of international trade. It is necessary to be less dependent on a single market, this will help us to avoid risks in our main market.

  • Saving costs, another advantage of internationalization of children’s brands

Children’s brands that launch their products on the international market can benefit from economies of scale and have lower costs, or they can offshore the SME’s chains to take advantage of the different options offered by other markets.

  • Access to new technologies 

There is no doubt that new technologies are greatly influencing the internationalization strategies of children’s brands. Products are opening up to the whole world, investing the same effort. In the case of online stores, and with a good logistics system, sales of children’s products can soar as we address a potentially larger market. Also, thanks to new technologies, it is not necessary to be physically present in the place where we are going to start our business.

Streamlining industrial capacity and speed, among the advantages of the internationalization of children’s brands

Speeding up industry processes, optimizing its resources and improving company performance is something everyone wants, but not always the steps taken guide them in this direction. If you are noticing that your child-focused business needs to improve production time and efficiency, you need to count on the internationalization of your brand.

  • Generate new business opportunities, another of the advantages of internationalization of children’s brands. 

If you have a children’s fashion brand and you need new business opportunities, you will find them in other countries that have markets with greater growth potential. It is important to bear in mind that, in general, the internationalization of children’s brands makes companies more competitive. In fact, they tend to have higher productivity rates and obtain higher business volumes than those that do not open up to the foreign market, which generates more and better employment, increasing the number of higher-skilled and better-paid jobs.

As you can see, the internationalization of children’s brands is a factor of great importance for any business that opens new commercial doors that will allow you to reach not only a greater number of customers, but also suppliers from all over the world. In addition, it is a factor that allows the diversification of markets and the improvement of investments in the company.

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