November 8, 2022

Expansion of children's brands: main steps to be followed

The expansion of children’s brands is a very important process for any company and it is necessary to be very prepared for it, otherwise it would mean a failure for the company. Among the most influential factors when making a decision of this type are technological, social, economic, industrial context or market situation.

It is essential to have a correct market expansion strategy, which must be well planned and defined, as well as ensuring as much as possible the permanence and durability of the business model.

Likewise, business growth is almost always a positive thing for most companies, but it can become problematic if you are not prepared or do not have a strategy to manage this process in the right way. Creating such a plan requires a careful understanding of what it represents and how various objectives and processes can be integrated.

What is a brand expansion strategy?

A brand expansion strategy is an approach that helps companies grow when they have already expanded as much as possible in their existing channels. The main focus of this strategy is to ensure that all your current markets are satisfied with your products.

These strategies should consider all of the company’s assets, new and existing products, facility capabilities and potential new markets that you could focus on.

First of all, a correct definition of these channels and the potential new customers that will allow you to expand your operation in a focused and effective way must be made. Having a good and correct market expansion strategy will also help you to make sure that you are carrying out this process according to the required and necessary deadlines. With this expansion strategy, you substantially increase your chances of success.

How to achieve the expansion of children’s brands? 

When you are devising a children’s brand expansion strategy, it is a good idea to follow the Ansoff model. This expansion model is designed to help companies grow in a simplified and easy way.

That is why we at Asepri would like to offer you the most widely used and well-known strategies for growing your company in the right way, including the ones we are going to explain below.

Carrying out market penetration strategies

This strategy for the expansion of children’s brands is based on using the brand’s existing products, that is, that you already have and is concerned with increasing its sales. This is usually the first step that many companies take when it comes to expanding their presence in the market.

Product development, one of the main strategies in the expansion of children’s brands.

In this phase, new products are created and must be introduced into a market in which you already operate. When developing a product, you use services or products similar to those you already offer, but with an expansion or improvement within them.

Developing the market

During this stage of expansion of children’s brands, what you want to achieve is to have a presence in a new market using products that are already developed. This is essential for companies that want to go beyond their initial stages of development.

Diversifying the market, another of the main strategies in the expansion of children’s brands.

Among the strategies for expanding children’s brands is market diversification, seeking to reach new markets and new products. 

This is usually the riskiest approach because you are entering a market you are not familiar with, with products you are not used to, and it requires more work to execute correctly.

There is no one child brand expansion strategy better than another, since everything depends on the activity of your company, the type of product it markets and its ability to correctly carry out one strategy or another. If you want to achieve the expansion of your brand, Asepri will help you to make it possible. Our brands are leaders in national and international markets and we accelerate the growth of any company in the children’s sector. We are the partner that will help you to grow, contact us if you would like to receive more information!