October 11, 2022

Children's clothing: how to choose the best

Choosing a children’s garment is a matter that can be complicated, since the comfort and convenience of the smallest of the house in their daily lives depends on this decision. In their first years of life, children’s skin is especially delicate, so when choosing a garment, many aspects of its decoration must be taken into account. In addition, they must be prepared to adapt to their day-to-day life and their needs according to their age.

What characteristics should a children’s garment have? 

Every quality children’s garment must have a series of characteristics that guarantee the safety and comfort of the youngest members of the family. Next, we are going to see which are the main ones.

Choosing fabrics with a pleasant skin contact

In the children’s fashion sector, special importance must be given to the fabrics. It is important to focus on finding a fabric that does not cause irritation or allergies, and sometimes this can be a real challenge. There is a wide variety of children’s clothing. However, before making the purchase of these, we must make sure that the fabrics are soft to the touch and above all pleasant to the touch so as not to affect the sensitive skin of the little ones in the house.

A children’s garment must be easy to put on

In the first years of life, children are extremely restless. For this reason, anything that makes our job easier when dealing with them will be well received. When buying a children’s garment, it is best to choose those that are easy to put on.

Most of the designs that are made today are focused on meeting this criterion, with buttons on the back or front, which facilitate the process. Keep in mind that changing children’s clothes will be very common, even in the street, so it is advisable to be quick and efficient.

You should choose garments that can be combined with each other

In addition to aesthetics, it is something that in a way is related to the change of garment. And it is that, the small ones, in general, get dirty enough, forcing to change them with great frequency. That is why it is important that the different designs can be combined, so that they are always elegant and well-dressed.

Aesthetics is fundamental in a children’s garment

Although we give special importance to practical garments, aesthetics is also fundamental when making a decision when buying a children’s garment. Generally, parents always try to make their children look radiant and adorable in what they wear. Therefore, it is best to opt for attractive and fun printed designs in a children’s garment.

Buying seasonal clothing and footwear

Children should be dressed  according to the season. It is not correct to dress them with nice coats and hats when it is warm, or to wear short dresses when it is cold.

In addition, not adjusting them to the relevant climate can cause health problems. From common colds to complex illnesses, and it can even affect their mood. For winter use closed shoes and for the summer season take advantage of sandals and open shoes.

A children’s garment should provide freshness, comfort and ease of movement.

The little ones have to feel free and very comfortable because they are children and they will always be looking for adventures, jumping or dancing. More than having them in fashion, you have to accommodate fashion to them, with a children’s garment with which they are fresh, feel undoubtedly free and comfortable and of course, that they have ease to do all kinds of activities.

Main brands of children’s clothing that you should know

If you want to dress your child with the best brands, here are some of the most outstanding in children’s clothing.


Javilar is a Spanish brand dedicated to the design and manufacture of all kinds of clothing. Its essence is based on offering an elegant and innovative design without renouncing the personality of its design team, looking for each customer to identify with each product. Communion dresses are one of its specialties.

Pan con Chocolate, one of the main brands specializing in children’s garments

Pan con Chocolate is a children’s clothing brand that since 1998 has been offering a very personal design full of color and joy with fabulous prints and very careful details. They have a functional and fun clothing ranging from 3 months to 16 years.

Tutto Piccolo

TUTTO PICCOLO is quality children’s fashion aimed at parents who want their children to be well dressed on all occasions. They have a classic children’s garment with some hints of fashion trends.

PAZ Rodríguez, another of the main brands specialized in children’s clothing.

CREACIONES PAZ RODRÍGUEZ, S. L. is a children’s clothing brand that designs and manufactures children’s fashion with its own delicate and elegant style based on attention to detail and craftsmanship experience since 1970. The brand is an international benchmark, being faithful to its legacy of tradition and craftsmanship together with the values of self-improvement, honesty and effort.

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