September 6, 2022

Childcare brands: discover the main ones

Childcare refers to a segment made up of articles such as high chairs, hammocks, bathtubs, travel cribs, mini-cots or playpens, constituting a category that, as time goes by, has a wider range of products. There are more and more childcare brands, all of them adapting to the needs of the consumer. It is true that the pace of life and habits of today’s consumers in the childcare sector mean that these products sometimes have to be purchased twice, as it is important for fathers and mothers to also have these items in the homes of grandparents, aunts and uncles or second homes. The design factor is gaining weight, since many families find it an important and aesthetic factor that the products of the childcare sector combine with the decoration and tonality of their homes. However, we must always bear in mind that, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they must also be safe, guaranteeing total protection for the little ones.

What is childcare?

Childcare is a scientific discipline that consists of the practice, rules and procedures in the upbringing of children to ensure healthy growth and habits as healthy as possible, from birth to approximately 6 years of age. Childcare seeks to practice teaching, research, counseling and dissemination of comprehensive care, in addition to respecting the existing legislative standards and codes of ethics related to the field.

It is very important not to confuse pediatrics with childcare, since the purpose of the latter is to ensure that the environment surrounding the child is the most suitable for him/her to develop all his/her aptitudes and attitudes, both physical, psychological and social.

Main childcare brands

There is a wide variety of childcare brands that offer the best products for the youngest members of the family. Below we will review some of them.

Miniland, one of the main childcare brands

Miniland has been accompanying parents, educators and children on the exciting journey of growth for more than 50 years. Miniland responds to areas as diverse as feeding, baby’s health, sleep and safety through innovative products that seek to make everyday life easier. They have educational toys designed to develop the multiple skills of the smallest of the house, especially the social and emotional learning and values.


Micuna has been dedicating its life to designing bedrooms, high chairs and furniture for the youngest members of the family for more than 45 years. All their products are made with wood from sustainable forests, finished with water-based paint with antibacterial protection, with multiple functionalities and always respectful with the environment. Its evolutionary and quality designs have been chosen by millions of families.

Micuna was the first company in Spain to apply European safety regulations in its cribs when it was not even a requirement in the market. Thanks to the company’s excellence, they have received numerous business awards, as well as some important international prizes thanks to designs such as the OvO highchair.

Baby Monsters

Baby Monsters specializes in strollers and baby carriages, always focusing on maximum comfort and safety. Their products are easy to use, meet all needs and are aesthetically beautiful.

They are continually thinking about innovation and incorporating new colors and fabrics to expand their range and offer parents the possibility of frequently changing the color of their stroller or accessories. In their catalog they have twin strollers, strollers, car seats and stroller accessories such as reversible seats, hoods, mats or baskets. They also have home accessories such as plastic tableware, kitchen sets and soft toys.


ECUS Kids offers childcare products, as well as mattresses for children and babies, specializing in the rest of the smallest of the home. They manufacture crib mattresses with natural materials that provide a healthy rest for babies, while helping to preserve the ecosystem.

Ecus Kids mattresses grow with your child, offering the ideal mattress to facilitate the transition from crib to bed, adjusted to the needs of the child in this transition process. They have a long useful life and adapt to each stage of children’s growth.

Mami me mima

Mami me mima is one of the best childcare brands and provides innovative, quality products, with a different design and 100% safe. Mami me mima revolutionized the market by being the first in Spain to obtain a teething necklace and a teething pacifier with European certification. With the success of these two products, the team of this company was growing and this is how they have been incorporating numerous products to its online catalog, always ensuring maximum safety.

From Mami me mima they have products for the mother as breastfeeding necklace or silicone bracelets, to products for the little ones, such as teethers, pacifiers, rattles and bodysuits. If you are looking for an original gift for the baby, they also have personalized layettes ideal for the little ones.

Baby Suite

Baby Suite is a specialized software for childcare businesses and is a comprehensive and innovative solution that allows you to manage a childcare store, both physical and online in a single software. It allows, among other functions, to control and manage the sales of the different POS’s, order entry, delivery notes and purchase invoices, birth list management, stock management, item management and integration with Prestashop.

Now that you know what childcare is for, in Asepri we have the best childcare brands nationally and internationally. Our mission is to support, defend and promote the baby products sector. We have the best childcare brands such as Miniland, Micuna, Baby Suite, Baby Monsters, ECUS Kids or Mami me mima, among many others. If you want to enjoy the best childcare brands in your store, do not hesitate to contact us!