June 21, 2024

What are the characteristics of a high quality children's swimsuit? Discover our brand recommendations!

Summer is just around the corner and with it the bathing season as well. For a relaxing day at the beach or at the pool, the right swimwear and accessories for children is one of the most important parts for families. But what features should the perfect bikini or swimsuit meet? What material is suitable and what features should you pay special attention to? And what accessories are a must for a day at the beach with children? At Asepri, we present you with the best accessories, as well as the most important factors of a high quality children’s swimsuit.

What features should a children’s swimsuit have?

Children’s swimwear must meet a long list of features, such as comfortable fit, quality and safety. Here is a brief summary of the most important features:

  • UV protection: It is crucial that the swimsuit chosen offers UV protection to the child. This does not only help to prevent sunburn, but it also minimizes the risk of developing skin cancer.
  • Quality materials: Look for high quality, sustainable materials so that the swimsuit will last all summer long. It is a good idea to choose quick-drying options, such as a combination of elastane and lycra. Brightly colored garments not only fade less quickly, but also help with keeping an eye on your child. However, it is important to make sure that they do not contain harmful dyes.
  • Easy to use: It doesn’t matter if it’s a bikini or a swimsuit; it should be a garment that is easy to put on and take off. This speeds up the changing process and saves stress for both the child and the parents.
  • Safety: Another essential part is the safety of children’s swimwear. It should not contain buttons or other parts that can come loose and thus pose a choking hazard in case of ingestion. In addition, loops, ties or other cords can get tangled or snagged during bathing, posing a risk of falls and other accidents.
  • Variety of sizes and comfort: It is important that the swimsuit is the right size, and its fit is neither too wide nor too tight. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for brands that have a wide range of sizes, in order to find the perfect garment for your child’s age and size. In addition, flat seams help to avoid marks and skin irritations.

Discover the best brands to buy a children’s swimsuit

When it comes to going to the pool or beach with kids, there are many things to keep in mind. Not only do they need to have a proper swimsuit, but they also want to be entertained. And of course, their sensitive skin needs to be properly protected from the sun at all times.

That is why, when choosing products, it is essential to opt for reliable brands. At Asepri, we present you the best brands that offer high quality children’s swimwear. In addition, many of them have the necessary accessories to spend an unforgettable day at the beach.

Find a children’s swimsuit at Tutto Piccolo

Tutto Piccolo is a brand that has been designing clothing for children from 0 to 12 years old for more than 40 years. Its swimsuits, like all Tutto Piccolo products, are of high quality and pay special attention to children’s comfort. In addition, they have an eye-catching and trendy design.

Find a children’s swimsuit at Mayoral

Mayoral not only pays a lot of attention to fulfilling the highest quality standards, but also to sustainability in production. In addition, a wide range of summer and swimwear is available, from swimsuits to UPF-protected T-shirts. All articles are characterized by a modern design that reflects current trends.

The best accessories to go with children’s swimsuits

To have a great day at the beach, in addition to the right swimwear, kids need to be entertained and protected from the sun. With the right accessories, you can make sure they don’t get bored and take home special memories without a sunburn.


Miniland is a brand that reinforces values such as sustainability, empathy, diversity and tolerance. Its toys stand out for their maximum resistance and durability, offering a wide range of educational toys.


Naáy is a brand of natural and ecological sun creams from Valladolid. They offer products suitable for children that respect both the human body and the environment, with sustainable and high quality ingredients. Their products are not tested on animals and do not contain genetically modified or irradiated ingredients.

Garvalín – Biomecanics

Garvalín – Biomecanics has a long experience in the children’s footwear sector. It is a brand that opts for innovation and quality, whose mission is to make children walk comfortable and happy. In their online store, they have a wide range of children’s shoes for spring and summer. The day at the pool will be safer and more practical with Garvalín!

Who is Asepri?

Asepri is the Spanish Association of Children’s Products. We work with brands that produce quality products and we help them to grow. With our DIGITAL BOOK, we have designed an online tool to give visibility to the children’s products sector. Visit our website and get more information about the DIGITAL BOOK and how your brand can participate here!