November 10, 2022

Baby layettes: what items should they contain and main brands

Baby layettes are gifts to welcome a newborn that consist of various products, especially clothing and accessories such as hygiene items, stuffed animals, baby cosmetics and blankets. These are usually given at a babyshower or sent to hospitals so that parents have all the necessary products for the baby’s hygiene and general care from the first day.

What items should baby layettes contain? 

The first aspect to take into account is that the elements that are in the baby layettes depend on the season of the year in which we are, as well as considering what are the needs and tastes of the baby’s parents. Another important fact to take into account is that the textile products contained in the layettes must be made with natural fabrics.

Next we will see what are some of the elements that you should have or acquire when making the layette for your baby.


One of the first elements to take into account are the bodysuits, being advisable to take at least four cotton bodysuits as they are garments that get dirty easily due to the diaper change.

Another aspect to consider is that, in order to make it easier to dress the baby, it is best to have a side or front zipper.

Beanies, one of the main elements of baby layettes

It is recommended that baby layettes have at least two cotton hats. This is because newborns need to regulate their body temperature to prevent them from losing too much heat through their heads.

Diapers and wipes

Diapers and wipes are other important items that should be included in baby layettes, since newborns’ hygiene is fundamental, and it is better to always carry extra because you don’t know how many you will need on these occasions.

Socks, another of the main items in baby layettes

Just like hats, babies regulate their temperature and that is why baby layettes should carry several pairs of socks.

Changing mats, among the main elements of baby layettes

Changing tables are another of the elements that should be in the baby layettes to facilitate the change of diapers, clothes or other options.

Main brands of baby layettes

From Asepri we want to inform you of some of the major brands specializing in children’s fashion and childcare that offer layettes for babies so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Chicco is a brand that has more than 60 years of experience in the sector and is present in more than 120 different countries. They have always innovated to offer the best products to all segments in which they are in the market. Chicco offers products from the pre-mom stage until the child is 8 years old with different types of products and fully customized layettes.

Kiokids, one of the main brands of layettes for babies.

kiokids was founded in 2012 within a group of companies that have been in the toy industry for over 60 years. At Kiokids they offer an experienced team of psychopedagogues and engineers who are dedicated to the study of trends and the analysis of new habits with the ultimate goal of offering products specially designed to suit both the baby and the parents.

Kiokids knows that today’s society demands products that are easy to use, resistant, practical and comfortable, which is why they consider it essential to give vital importance to the functionality of the products.

Tuc Tuc

Tuc Tuc was founded in 1994 and since 2004 belongs to the textile group Nath. This brand is committed to being present in all the moments that parents and children come to share. That is, in the game, in the moments of walking, at mealtimes, when waking up and going to bed, among others.

Tuc Tuc also takes into account the comfort of children and the peace of mind of parents. Therefore, when creating products, they think of a fun style, while ensuring the highest quality standards, with soft and respectful fabrics and patterns to suit everyone. Among their wide variety, they have fully customized baby layettes.

Boann, another of the main brands of layettes for babies

Boann is one of the pioneering brands in Spain in the customization of pacifiers and today has also become a benchmark in baby bodysuits, t-shirts for pregnant women and many more accessories ideal for giving complete baby layettes.

The layettes for babies are a perfect gift because you can prepare it yourself and be able to customize it, offering products that will be useful for the new member of the family as the season, the needs and tastes of parents, among other things.

Among the accessories that you can include in the baby layette are hygiene products such as creams and body lotions, bath products, diapers, blankets, clothes, towels, bibs or bodysuits made of natural fabrics.

Now that you know everything that should include the layettes for babies and their main brands, from Asepri we have the best companies of layettes for babies both nationally and internationally, such as Chicco, Kiokids, Tuc Tuc and Boann, among many others. If you want to have the best childcare brands in your store, do not hesitate to contact us!