September 13, 2023

ASEPRI promotes 10 leading Spanish childcare brands at Kind&Jugend

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  • 10 leading Spanish childcare brands will be the Spanish protagonists at this edition: Babyauto, Bimbidreams, Gomarco, Nines d’onil, Pielsa Baby, Olmitos, Plastimyr, Quokkababy, Saro, and Walking Mum.
  • ASEPRI is leading an online promotion campaign for Spanish brands through an invitation to selected VIP clients, a specific Kind & Jugend microsite, SEO/SEM positioning and individual promotion of each brand participating in the promotional campaign, among others.

(Valencia 6-9-2022). Kind&Jugend, one of the most important international events in the childcare sector, opens its doors from September 7 to 9, 2023 in Cologne, Germany. With around 953 international exhibitors, it is 453 more than last year’s figure. Kind&Jugend is making a strong comeback on the international children’s products scene.

There are 18 Spanish childcare brands present at the show: Asalvo, Babyauto, Baby Monster, Bimbidreams, Cambrass, Gomarco, Kiokids, KUB, Mima, Nines d’onil, Nikidom, Pielsa Baby, Olmitos, Plastimyr, Quokkababy, Saro, Stor and Walking Mum.

Leading manufacturers and brands, as well as numerous small and medium-sized specialist companies, showcase a wide range of products for baby and toddler equipment. From baby carriages and baby carriages to home textiles, baby fashion, children’s furniture, electronic devices and products for care and safety: Kind + Jugend presents diversity and high-quality design and branding as well as trends for the entire sector worldwide.

Once again, a high-caliber international audience from all corners of the world will come to Kind + Jugend to be inspired for their business success in a personal dialogue with the industry.

10 recognized brands of the Spanish childcare sector will be the protagonists of this new edition of Kind and Jugend.

ASEPRI is leading an online promotional campaign for Spanish brands to highlight the innovation and design of the childcare products of the brands in the sector. Through an invitation to selected VIP customers, specific microsite Kind & Jugend, SEO/SEM positioning and individual promotion of each brand participating in the promotional campaign, among others.

ASEPRI has been participating in Kind&Jugend since 2001 and this will be the 12th edition of the Baby & Kids Products from Spain pavilion, located in hall 10.2, stand E-019g, where the brands Bimbidreams, Gomarco, Pielsa Baby, Nines d’Onil, Quokkababy, Plastimyr and Walking Mum will be present.

Likewise, nationally recognized brands such as Babyauto, national leader in baby transport and strolling, Olmitos and Saro, in initiation, development and light childcare, respectively, will present their new products to the sector, where innovation and design, intrinsic values of Spanish childcare brands, are a priority.

BABYAUTO (Hall 10.2 | Stand C009)

National leader in car seats, accessories and baby transport. More than 25 years making the journey of the little ones safer and more comfortable.

All BABYAUTO child seats are developed according to the highest safety standards. Our long experience and good EuroNCAP test results showed us that improved compliance with ECE R129 is essential for maximum child safety in modern i-Size vehicles.

BIMBIDREAMS (Hall 10.2 | Stand E017)

Bimbidreams is a company that has been taking care of babies for more than 40 years. Through its textile products, they offer the best of design and quality in layette items such as duvet covers, sleeping bags, quilts, cushions, among a wide variety of other products. Tradition and innovation with a wide knowledge about the manufacture of baby products.

NINES D’ONIL (Hall 10.2 | Stand D014a)

We know that dolls are considered one of the oldest games in history. Its potentialities are diverse, among them highlighting its ability to develop symbolic play, through which children understand their environment by generating scenarios very similar to those of an adult.

In Nines d’Onil, artisan manufacturers since 1985, we want you to find the variety that your customers demand. Our collections are extensive and cover a wide range of different styles of dolls. From the most realistic through which children see themselves reflected and develop endless feelings and emotions, to the most imaginative and fun that will make them raise their imagination and play at all levels.

GOMARCO (Hall 10.2 | Stand: E019)

Manufacture and customization of quality mattresses. All our raw materials meet the highest quality standards. We have a wide variety of materials, more than seven types of pocket springs and HR foams. All products manufactured in Spain.

OLMITOS (Hall 10.2 | Stand B041)

In Olmitos Group we have over 60 years dedicated to the world of children, first as toy manufacturers, and then creating safe, innovative, high quality and functional products for the first years of a baby’s life.

Our products are characterized by their modern designs and good quality; The essence of Olmitos is to take care, not only for the little ones but for the rest of the family, to take care of the environment, of the workers, of the customers and to take care of our own.

PIELSA BABY (Hall 10.2 | Stand E017a)

Company textile with more than 40 years of experience. All our products are manufactured entirely in Spain and our main strength lies in our verticality, which allows us to control the entire production and design process in our facilities, from yarn to packaging. We offer modern designs, made with natural fibers and top quality finishes, designed to ensure the rest of the little ones at home. Our motto, “Weaving for a better world” commits us to people, quality, service and the planet.

PLASTIMYR & THE GOOD WOOD Hall 10.2 | Stand D014

In good hands

Plastimyr is a Spanish company that has been accompanying you for more than 60 years during the first years of your baby’s life. We export to more than 15 countries, distributed to large surfaces and detailed.

To reach wherever your home is.

QUOKKABABY (Hall 10.2 | Stand D018a)

Baby carriers ergonomics manufactured with organic cotton fabric. Discover the happiness of natural contact with your baby.

Inspired by the Quokka, “the happiest animal in the world” that carries its offspring in the hutch until it completes its development. Designed with maximum ergonomics in mind, our baby carrier allows you to keep your little one close while moving freely.

SARO (Hall 11.2 | Stand F040)

Developing the products that best adapt to each of their stages, promoting their motor, mental and emotional growth.

We share values: Saro was born as a small family business and, after 40 years of journey, we have acquired the experience and the baggage of the years, without leaving aside the spirit with which we started. We are by your side, supporting you and reminding you that motherhood is a beautiful but not always easy path, in which sometimes you have to juggle to adjust your budget. We don’t want you to have to compromise on quality or design. We want to be your trusted brand.

WALKING MUM (Hall 10.2 | Stand D018)

Pasito a Pasito, a leading Spanish company in equipment for newborns, with 20 years of experience dedicated to the world of babies, launches a new brand of bags and covers for baby seats aimed at modern and dynamic mothers. This new brand was born with the idea of covering a real need for more urban, practical and modern products.

This is how Walking Mum, the urban and sporty brand of bags and baby seat covers, arrives on the market.

The Spanish brands present at Kind&Jugend project the values that characterize us so much: innovation, design and quality, with a competitive price, putting in value the “made in Spain ”.

We will be waiting for you in the pavilion of Spanish brands: BABY & KIDs PRODUCTS FROM SPAIN in hall 10.2, stand E-019g so you can discover the new collections of Spanish childcare brands of reference and have our personalized advice, exclusively for international customers.

ASEPRI participates in the Childcare Fair Kind&Jugend 2023 and has had the support of ICEX and Generalitat Valenciana, having contributed to the economic growth of this company, its region and Spain as a whole.

“ASEPRI participates in the children’s childcare fair KIND&JUGEND 2023 edition held in German and has had the support of ICEX and Generalitat Valenciana, having contributed according to their measure, to the economic growth of this company, its region and Spain as a whole”.




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