September 5, 2022

Asepri consolidates the showroom Baby & Kids products from Spain in its 6th edition

Buyers and VIP investors from the Middle East, North Africa and European department stores and chains will meet with the most international brands in the sector.

Asepri consolidates the Baby & Kids products from Spain showroom in its 6th edition, where 30 brands in the baby products sector will meet face to face with VIP customers from Middle East, North Africa and European department stores.

It will be held at the Balneario de las Arenas, October 24th and 25th in Valencia.

A differentiated and personalized event, exclusive for Spanish brands, in showroom format and with a work agenda, where international key players discover our essence, creativity and design with excellent quality and price.

30 brands representing all types of children’s products will have the opportunity to access multiple markets without having to travel.

Childcare: Bimbidreams, Cambrass, Heetee, Casualplay, Saro Baby, Nines d’Onil, Ikid, My Babymatress, Tuc Tuc, Micuna, Pielsa, A Salvo.

Children’s fashion: Boboli, Babidu, Canada House, Conguitos, Javilar Kids, Juliana, Losan, Mayoral, PAZ Rodríguez, Tuc Tuc, Mac Ilusion, Pan con Chocolate, Babybol, Martin Aranda, Foque.

Children’s footwear: Igor, Conguitos, Garvalin, Bigtoes, Ria Menorca.

Accessories: Siena.

Among the clients confirmed from the Middle East are the Saudi group Al hokair, an investment group and chain of stores with 180 points of sale, from Qatar ALmana luxury, luxury department stores of premium European brands or the online distributor and keyplayer Babygrow.

In Europe, we have the presence of the Bulgarian retail chain Boyko , the Italian retail chain Primmi Anni with 21 stores and the Prince Princess department store from Armenia, among others.

In North Africa, from Tunisia, the Gimel group, franchisee of well-known Spanish brands, with 12 stores in the Tunisian market.

More info:

“ASEPRI participates in the show room Baby & Kids from Spain showroom held in Valencia, and has had the support of ICEX, having contributed according to their measure, to the economic growth of this company, its region and Spain as a whole.”




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