Eco friendly
Made in Spain
Brand sectors
Target audiences
0-15 años

Jessica Ochoa, creator of Jekai, presents her new line of children’s swimwear: Jekai Kids a 100% hand-made and sustainable brand.

Inspired by the outstanding nature, this venture is born in the Canary Islands.

 Two values are transmitted through its campaign: love and respect for nature, values that are fundamentally born at home.

For Jessica, clients are not only people that buy a sustainable and high-quality product, they may also be carriers of this massage, generating a positive impact on new generations.

A minimalist and classic cut style stands out in Jekai Kids collections. It’s mobility and flexibility gives comfort to the girls, therefore to their parents. The textiles used to make the swimsuits are of the highest quality with UV protection, which lengthens the durability of the pieces and thus reduces consumption.

Jekai Kids is presented with unicolor textiles with a different range of color for each collection, versatile colors that last over time and can be combined with other garments.

These collections are timeless, this why the swimwear can be purchased and worn on at any time of the year.

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