Yet again, Asepri will be launching the fourth edition of KIDS WORLD SPAIN SHOWROOM event on the 3 rd and 4th April 2019, an event that has shown a high level of popularity and success in the previous years.

KIDS WORLD SPAIN SHOWROOM by Asepri  will bring together international clients: department stores, distributors, store chains, franchises, along with Spanish companies for kid’s fashion, footwear and childcare sector.

Premium brands  in the kids´ fashion industry, footwear and childcare sector will showcase the added value of their collections, their creativity and design, and most importantly their high quality and affordable prices.

With a new location, a Mediterranean atmosphere and a specific working agenda for each visitor, KIDS WORLD SPAIN showroom will welcome as a INVITED  COUNTRIES : CANADA, USA, MEXICO, PANAMA, COLOMBIA, PERU, CHILE, ISRAEL , UK, MIDDLE EAST, CENTRAL ASIA, NORTH AFRICA.

#KIDSWORLDSPAIN by Asepri is an exclusive event showcasing brands from Spain aiming to reveal the essence of our collections to potential new customers.

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In collaboration with IVACE, ICEX and the Spanish Commercial Office.

“Asepri organizes the inverse mission in NORTH AMERICA, CENTRAL AMERICA, LATAM, ISRAEL, UNITED KINGDOM and MIDDLE EAST within the framework of the Kids World Spain show room in Valencia and has had the support of ICEX and Ivace, as well as the co-financing of European fund FEDER , which has contributed to the measure of the same, to the economic growth of this company, the region and Spain as a whole “