February 13, 2024

What Should Baby Cribs Be Like?

Looking for the ideal crib for the new family member? Learn the keys to selecting a safe and comfortable crib that promotes your baby’s restful sleep and healthy development.

Baby cribs are fundamental elements in the care and well-being of the little ones. These spaces must provide a safe and comfortable environment for the babies’ rest, contributing to their healthy development.

For this purpose, baby cribs must have a series of key features, considering factors such as safety, comfort, and design. Thus, modern cribs are designed with resistant and safe materials, meeting the most rigorous safety standards to ensure the baby’s well-being while sleeping.

Therefore, at Asepri, we are committed to the health and well-being of the little ones at home and will guide you through the entire process to know what baby cribs should be like. If you want to learn more, join us!

What You Need to Know About Baby Cribs

When choosing a baby crib, it is necessary to take into account various aspects to ensure the little one’s safety and comfort. The first thing is to make sure that the crib meets established safety standards. Check if it has certifications indicating it has passed rigorous tests.

Opt for cribs made with safe and non-toxic materials. Babies tend to explore with their mouths, so it is essential that the crib’s materials do not pose health risks. Additionally, some cribs offer adjustable height options to adapt to the baby’s growth. This can be useful to prevent parents from having to bend too much when placing or picking up the baby. Asepri offers two brand recommendations:

  • Micuna: offers eco-friendly cribs made in Spain. Enter and discover their models!
  • Alondra offers bassinets, textile products, furniture, and decor made in Spain and eco-friendly. Discover their products!

Choose a firm mattress that fits perfectly in the crib size. Avoid spaces between the mattress and the crib edges to prevent entrapment. Also, consider your aesthetic preferences and the functionality of the crib. Some cribs convert into beds for older children, which can be a long-term investment. Ecus Kids offers high-quality mattresses for all ages!

If the crib requires assembly, make sure to follow the detailed instructions and ensure it is completely safe before placing the baby in it. Consider the available space in the baby’s room when choosing the size of the crib. Make sure there is enough space around to move comfortably.

By paying attention to these aspects, you can make an informed decision when selecting the perfect crib for your baby, providing a safe and cozy environment for their rest and development.

Baby Cribs: Features

Baby cribs must meet certain standards and features to ensure the little one’s safety and comfort. Here we show you some important guidelines that baby cribs should have:

  • Safe bars: The crib bars should have a safe distance between them to prevent the baby’s head from getting trapped. The regulation usually establishes a maximum separation of 6 centimeters between bars.
  • Stability: The crib must be stable and sturdy to prevent tipping over. Check that all parts are well assembled and that the crib does not have loose pieces.
  • Adjustability: Some cribs have the option to adjust the mattress height. This can be useful to adapt to the baby’s growth and facilitate access for parents, especially during the first months.
  • Firm base: The mattress should rest on a firm base. Avoid the use of pillows, loose blankets, or other soft objects inside the crib, as they increase the risk of suffocation.
  • Rounded edges: Opt for cribs with rounded edges to reduce the risk of injuries. Sharp corners can pose a danger, especially when the baby begins to crawl or stand up.
  • Secure locking system: If the crib is foldable or convertible, make sure it has a secure locking system to prevent it from accidentally folding.
  • Safety certifications: Check if the crib complies with safety regulations established by competent bodies. The European standard EN 716 are indicators of quality and safety.
  • Easy cleaning: Choose a crib with surfaces easy to clean, as babies can be prone to spills and accidents.

In conclusion, baby cribs are an essential piece of furniture for the baby’s rest and represent a significant investment in their safety and well-being. By choosing a crib that combines functionality, safety, and style, parents can be sure of providing their baby with a conducive environment for their healthy development and growth.

At Asepri, we are committed to the safety of babies and provide parents with the best brands on the market to make their choice of crib perfect and most suitable.