April 19, 2024

What are the characteristics of baby blanket? Discover responsible brands

During the first months of life, a newborn baby spends a lot of time sleeping and parents want him or her to rest peacefully and comfortably. A baby blanket with soft patterns and discreet colours excels in providing everything a child needs during sleep. As well as keeping him warm, it can also be used as a bed cover.

Discover with Asepri what characteristics a good baby blanket should have and the most responsible brands with which we collaborate to offer the comfort and warmth necessary for our customers. We are the partner you need for your company!

Characteristics of baby blankets

When looking for a baby blanket for your business you should consider the comfort and quality of the fabrics, especially if newborns are allergic to different fabrics. Here are the features you should consider when choosing baby blankets for your business.

  • Composition: Babies have very delicate skin and, for this reason, it is recommended to use natural fabrics such as cotton. Acrylic fabrics are also a good choice for the well-being of children as they are very light and warm, but the most important thing is that they are hypoallergenic.
  • Softness: It is essential that the material in contact with the baby’s skin is extremely soft to avoid any kind of irritation or discomfort. Blankets with velvety textures are perfect, as they provide a delicate and soft sensation to the touch.
  • Weight: The perfect blanket will be one that does not weigh too much so that the little one feels comfortable and can move around. The weight of the ideal baby blanket is approximately 300g.
  • Size of baby blanket: for the baby blanket to become an indispensable companion, it must have the ideal shape and size to adapt to all situations. A perfect size for the baby blanket would be 100 x 70 cm. This size fits cots, sofas, prams and car seats.
  • Quality: The quality of the blanket is important if we want it to last. Opting for a brand whose preference is to manufacture quality textiles is always a good idea.
  • Prints: opting for brands with original and colourful prints will cheer up your baby and help to encourage their imagination.

Discover the best brands of blankets for babies

At Asepri we are aware of the importance of a good brand of baby blankets, so we offer you the most responsible and ecological brands for your business. Here is a selection!


Chicco ‘s wide range of innovative products includes cotton blankets that will accompany your child’s dreams. In their catalogue we can find a large selection of baby blankets. Its design meets the needs of your business, but always thinking about the environment and the planet, an ideal brand for your business!

Pielsa Baby, the best brand of baby blankets on the market

Pielsa Baby is a brand specialising in duvets and blankets for babies. Their hypoallergenic manufacturing is ideal for any type of skin. They ensure a perfect product for sensitive skin, following the best quality standards. The softness, warmth and velvety appearance of its blankets have made it the market leader in sales in Spain.


In Uzturre they maintain the illusion, style and freshness in each baby blanket, dedicating a great effort to the demands of their customers. They are aware that your baby needs products of the highest quality, without compromising on organic and ecological. For this reason, Uzturre baby blankets are made from premium raw materials.

Kikkaboo, an emerging brand of baby blankets.

Kikkaboo is a baby products company that brings strong stability to its recent start-up in 2016. It creates a collection of baby blankets with great freshness, variety, elegance and quality. Its main motto is ”For the baby with love” which fully corresponds to the attitude and care in the manufacturing of each product.