October 3, 2023

The most commonly used baby accessories and main brands

Los complementos para bebés son muy importantes para los más pequeños de la casa y van a determinar su estilo. Pueden ser tanto elementos de moda como de puericultura o juguetes y los bebés van a darle mucho uso.

Baby accessories are very important for the little ones at home and will determine their style. They can be both fashion elements and childcare items or toys, and babies are going to make good use of them.

What are the most commonly used baby accessories?

When we have to choose our baby’s accessories, we must think at all times about two crucial aspects to make it suitable:

  • Ensuring the baby’s well-being and comfort.
  • Ensuring that baby accessories are functional for parents.
  • Even though at first glance these are two obvious aspects, the truth is that, sometimes, we are more attracted to the aesthetic side, making us forget about the truly important aspects, such as the baby’s comfort. Next, we will see what the most commonly used baby accessories are.

    Hats and Gloves Hats and gloves are essential baby accessories. Their influence on the overall perception of their look is decisive because they frame their face and give them the joy, balance, or notoriety that you like so much. They are also super comfortable for the baby on very cold days and will keep the baby comfortable and warm.

    Breast Pumps, one of the most used baby accessories For breastfeeding, another essential baby accessory is the breast pump. There will be times when the baby does not take the whole breast and the mother needs to empty it. It is a good time to take advantage of that milk and freeze it for when the mother cannot breastfeed due to returning to work or because she cannot be with the baby at that time and someone else can provide it. There are manual and electric breast pumps with different suction levels allowing painless and effortless extraction. When milk is extracted, a bottle will be needed for the baby to take it.

    Car Safety Seat Car safety is a fundamental aspect for babies and something that parents should emphasize. When choosing a car safety seat, you must ensure that it is approved and that it complies with all regulations. It is especially important that it is a rear-facing child restraint system and that the little one travels rear-facing for as long as possible since it has been proven that in the event of an impact or collision, the consequences for the little ones are much less than if they travel forward-facing.

    Anti-Roll Pillow, another widely used baby accessory The anti-roll or candy pillow is on the list of essential baby accessories. Numerous studies show that placing the baby on their back or side to sleep reduces the risk of sudden death. With the anti-roll pillow, we prevent the baby from turning while sleeping, thus maintaining a posture that prevents the risk of sudden death. Additionally, once it is no longer used for sleeping, it is a perfect decorative accessory for the little ones’ room.

    Blanket A blanket for the baby will be very necessary both in winter and in summer. In winter, you have to protect him from the cold both at home, in the stroller, or to take him in the car well covered. In summer, it will also be useful in places where temperature changes are strong due to air conditioning.

    Plush Toys, among the most used baby accessories Plush toys are one of the most used baby accessories that satisfy the baby’s need to be in contact with something permanently, increasing their well-being and promoting sleep and rest. For the baby, there will be nothing more comforting than hugging their plush toy.

    Main brands of baby accessories

    When it comes to shopping for the baby, it is important to make a selection to choose the best baby accessory brands and equip the little ones in the house with the main products. Below, we make a selection of the best.

    Siena, one of the main brands of baby accessories

    Siena Accesorios is the trade name under which Diademas y Pasadores S.L., a recognized and prominent Spanish company in the fashion sector, operates. It positions itself as a leading brand in the retail market, highlighting its presence and reputation at a national level.

    The company prides itself on its ability to design, manufacture, and market an extensive range of hair ornaments, which has led the brand to be recognized in the sector. The Siena Accesorios team works tirelessly to provide its customers with the highest quality products and continues to meet the fashion and style expectations of its consumers.

    Mac Ilusión

    Mac Ilusión is a brand dedicated exclusively to making handmade baby clothes. They have machines that manufacture seamless garments that guarantee maximum comfort and adaptation to the baby.

    Bonjourbebé, another of the main brands of baby accessories

    Bonjourbebé is a young Spanish brand, dedicated to creating textile products for the baby with the best quality. Their strong point is the selection of raw materials and their care for design and quality. All products are made in Spain and Portugal.

    Products chosen with care to take care of the baby’s delicate skin and provide softness and fresh and current designs that will accompany the baby in their baths, dreams, and walks.


    Artesavi is one of the most used brands of baby accessories and has a baby line, with embroidery, sounds, and special materials for the little ones. Another important aspect of Artesavi is special manufacturing and promotions, having a design team for making promotional mascots and product lines for any sector. Their products are present in the best establishments around the world, endorsed by our customers who, after a long trajectory, find in our company a clear reference in the sector.


    Suavinex is a company distinguished by its perfect combination of aesthetics and innovation. This Spanish giant in the sector has cultivated a historic commitment to anticipating the needs of consumers, developing products that adapt to each stage of family life. Suavinex has been present from the beginning to the end of the family trajectory: from pregnancy and birth, through parenting and growth, to maturity. It is more than a brand; it is a reliable and constant companion throughout the different stages of life.

    Baby Auto

    Babyauto’s items are conceptualized, crafted, and rigorously tested to provide your little one with the greatest comfort and safety in any type of car. Made with high-quality materials and highly resistant to shocks, Babyauto’s products incorporate Isofix technology, making their installation and removal from the vehicle comfortable, quick, and, most importantly, safe.

    In addition, each of Babyauto’s child safety seats for vehicles is lined with padded, breathable, durable, and, of course, toxin-free fabrics. This ensures that your baby is as well protected and comfortable in their seat as they would be in your arms.

    Pielsa baby

    Pielsa Baby offers carefully designed blankets for the youngest members of the family, each with a high level of detail to ensure the baby’s comfort. Additionally, at Pielsa Baby, they have available a wide selection of bedding products, including duvets, comforters, and sheets. Everything is designed to provide maximum comfort and well-being to their customers’ children.

    Now that you know what the most commonly used baby accessories and their main brands are, at Asepri we have the best companies in the child sector that bet on baby accessories such as, Mac Ilusión, Bonjourbebé, and Artesavi. If you want to equip your store with the best brands, do not hesitate to contact us now.