February 12, 2024

Launch of Garvalín Soft&Fun

This is the most fun and colorful foot-friendly shoe on the market, recommended by podiatrists.

Finally we can buy our kids a soft and respectful footwear with super cool designs.

Garvalín has just launched SOFT&FUN, a soft, flexible and unique line for its designs!

Garvalín is synonymous with quality and good workmanship, as they have been experts in manufacturing children’s footwear for more than 50 years.

SOFT&FUN respects the natural growth of the foot and develops the imagination of the little ones with its fun and colorful designs.

SOFT&FUN has been awarded the Podologic seal, as part of a collaborative project with the Illustrious Official College of Podiatrists of the Valencian Community (ICOPCV) to promote the care, knowledge and the care, knowledge and attention that foot health requires.

The Podologic seal certifies that the footwear has been manufactured in accordance with quality and comfort standards designed to respect and protect the health of the foot.

Their designs use very soft materials that provide maximum flexibility, their wide soles leave space between toes and their lower base stimulates sensory perception.

They are already available in the best children’s shoe stores and in its online store, models in leather with more basic designs, cool sandals for the heat and their canvas with printed designs with dinosaurs or mermaids among others that will blow the imagination of our kids.

New SOFT&FUN line for a more fun, flexible and huggable world.

See more: https://www.garvalin.com/spain/en/soft