September 28, 2023

Gift for a newborn: the most common and leading brands.

El momento de comprar un regalo es un momento difícil, pero a la vez muy especial. Buscas durante largas horas algo que vaya a dejar sorprendido a esa persona que tanto quieres, pensando siempre en sus gustos e intereses, pero ¿cuál es el mejor regalo a un recién nacido que satisfaga sus necesidades y la de los padres?

Buying a gift is always a challenging yet special moment. You spend hours searching for something that will surprise and delight the person you care about, keeping their tastes and interests in mind. But what is the best gift for a newborn that meets both their needs and those of the parents?

Gift for a Newborn: Discover the Most Common Ones

The best gift for a newborn is one that supports their full and healthy development and also eases tasks for the parents. Photo frames, diaper cakes, and dou dou are some unique gift ideas. However, the aesthetic should not be the sole focus; it’s crucial to consider the comfort and safety the gift can offer the infant. Here’s a list of gifts you can consider for a newborn:

Electronic Sterilizer

The electric sterilizer is an incredibly practical gift, as it uses steam to kill germs and bacteria on bottles. Unlike microwave sterilizers, electric ones plug into an outlet and can steam-heat from within. They’re fast, safe, and make the bottle disinfection process easier for parents. When buying one, consider its capacity and sterilization time.

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is an essential gift for a newborn. Its primary function is to assist the mother in holding her baby during breastfeeding, offering greater comfort and security. There are various nursing pillow models, each designed to alleviate tension in a mother’s arms, shoulders, and neck.

Changing Bath

The changing bath is another common gift for little ones in their early life stages. This item combines two purposes in one: a bathtub and a changing table for dressing and undressing the baby. This bath should be sturdy, stable, and should make positioning the baby easier.

Crib Mobile

The crib mobile is another must-have gift. It’s not just entertaining but also stimulates the baby’s development. Attached to the side of the crib, the hanging toys attract the baby’s attention. The movement, colors, and lights captivate the baby, helping to develop their sight and hearing. There’s a wide variety of crib mobiles, but all of them foster the healthy growth of infants in a stimulating and fun way.


Footwear is another typical gift for the little ones. In their early stages, a baby’s shoes should be soft to avoid influencing their feet’s natural development. If you choose footwear as a gift, ensure the shoes are breathable and made from gentle materials like cloth, knit, or wool.

Baby Fashion

Buying clothes for a newborn is always a hit. The clothing should be loose for free movement and made from natural cotton fibers to prevent irritations or allergies. Avoid gifting garments made from synthetic fabrics or wool, as they may cause itching or discomfort for the baby.

Leading Brands for Newborn Gifts

Now that you’re acquainted with the most common and suitable gifts for newborns, here are some leading brands where you can find top-quality products for a baby’s healthy development:


Miniland is Spain’s #1 brand for child care accessories and educational, pedagogical, and didactic toys. Miniland’s mission is to promote early learning, helping children tap into their full potential at home and in school. Among their wide variety of products, you’ll find puzzles, magnetic games, language games, musical instruments, animal figures, and building blocks.


Biomecanics is another pivotal brand for newborn gifts. Specializing in shoes for the little ones, they offer footwear designed to protect and adapt to infants’ feet through each developmental stage. Their range includes sneakers, booties, school shoes, and house footwear.

Paz Rodriguez

Paz Rodriguez is another essential brand for newborn gifts. Established in 1970, they design and produce unique and comfortable garments for babies, consistently prioritizing the little ones’ comfort. Some of their most sought-after items include bodysuits, blankets, dresses, jackets, coats, and strolling accessories.

The ideal gift for a newborn contributes to their healthy development. An electronic sterilizer, nursing pillow, crib mobile, baby shoes, or baby clothes are simple yet surefire gift ideas.

At Asepri, we’re committed to collaborating with the best brands, ensuring little ones grow in a secure environment. Need to buy a gift for a newborn and unsure of the best choice? Our association supports and promotes brands in this sector, guaranteeing you access to a variety of high-quality products.