September 6, 2022

Children's fashion from Spain: discover the leading brands

Children’s fashion in Spain has boomed in recent years. There are a lot of options to choose from in the market with all kinds of styles and prices. Parents are looking for clothes that are not only beautiful, but also durable. Spain is one of the leaders in the textile industry for children and babies thanks to successful Spanish children’s clothing brands such as Mayoral, Babybol, Carmy, Tartaleta, Twin and Chic, Tutto Piccolo or Varon that make consumers see Spanish children’s fashion companies as a synonym of quality. These companies have products of excellent design and quality, many of them produced in Spanish workshops.

What is children’s fashion?

Children’s fashion represents many social characteristics and, according to social trends, children choose how to express themselves through the clothes they wear, showing much of their personality. Children’s fashion is very different from women’s or men’s fashion, as it is not so changeable.

Main children’s fashion brands in Spain

Here are some of the best children’s fashion brands in Spain that stand out for their quality and guarantee.

Babybol, one of the main children’s fashion brands in Spain

Babybol is one of the Spanish children’s fashion brands that you should follow. It is a children’s fashion brand in Spain for babies that designs, manufactures and distributes from Barcelona so that every day their products reach the best stores around the world.

Every year they present a spring/summer collection and another one for autumn/winter. Each one is made up of more than 250 unique designs, which are characterized by their quality, design and really competitive prices. This makes Babybol a reference brand in the children’s textile sector and allows them to offer the latest fashion trends for girls, boys and newborns.


Wawaland seeks to be a children’s fashion brand in Spain different from other brands and is characterized by unisex, sustainable garments, full of values and full of quality, love and craftsmanship. Wawaland is a creative fashion brand committed to the environment and the safety of children. This magical universe created by Ton Pernas with the intention of strengthening self-identity, self-esteem, and to reinforce the values that make this world a kinder place.

Wawaland is a world of values, a universe in which there are some characters, the wawies, who are made of cotton, in tricot, who are the ones who will transmit their values to the little ones, among which stand out responsible consumption, equality, empowerment of women and ecology, that freedom to be a child and happy and free, but at the same time to build.


Carmy has been present in the world of children’s fashion in Spain since 1975 and is a brand specializing in garments for events such as communions that remain forever in the memory. The designs of their communion dresses are simple but extremely elegant, each model with unique touches that make them special. Their garments are made to order with details that can be customized to the customer’s taste.

Its product philosophy has two lines that are quite different from each other. On the one hand, they have dresses in bright colors, with a variety of fabrics, lace and embroidery, while on the other hand, they have classic dresses characterized by the use of silk, organdies and cotton lace, as well as synthetic fabrics of the highest quality.


Mayoral has 80 years of experience, being the current market leader in children’s fashion in Spain thanks to its commitment to quality and its constant commitment to innovation. It has design, manufacturing, distribution and textile marketing processes. The company, which started as a modest company dedicated to the production and marketing of socks and stockings called ‘Domínguez Toledo’, is today a large group with international character, a reference and representative of Spanish fashion worldwide.

In addition, Mayoral is strongly committed to sustainable and ecological children’s fashion, bringing sustainability to its physical stores. Their garments are made with recycled fibers, sustainable cotton, organic cotton and repreve fiber.

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