Target audiences
1 to 3 years
Medium high

Miniland is an Spanish educational and baby product brand whose expertise is on social & emotional learning toys (SEL) delivering on our values of diversity, inclusion, cooperation and tolerance.

A world in which to shine as they grow

At Miniland we believe that the world is a better place when being parents becomes a journey for growth where we free up all of our potential. We have a plan: grow together while enjoying the journey, so all children grow and shine with their own light. We want to be the brand that drives parents to discover, connect and give the best of – themselves in the care of their child every day by helping them, through dolls to create the ideal environment for growth and well-being for the little ones.

An eco-friendly collection for a better world.

Let’s look after the little ones – let’s look after the planet. Our eco-friendly collection is designed for parents who are seeking products that are functional yet which have the minimal possible environmental impact. Our eco-friendly collection includes products manufactured using organic and biodegradable and also some reusable and long-lasting products for hundreds of daliy and special moments. Learn more about our Eco-friendly products: 

At Miniland we want to contribute to a world that is more open, inclusive and tolerant towards diversity. With our dolls collection, we help little ones understand values of inclusivity and coexistence through play by promoting empathy and accepting people of any race, gender or condition. Every single one of our dolls is handmade in Europe. Our anatomically correct dolls are the perfect toy to learn SEL (Social Emotional Learning), to enhance social abilities and creativity by free playing in the classroom or even at home.

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